ZNM 更新了一些

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所有的交易物品在Upper jeuno 的(野外切换口那里)水晶点旁边的Goblin NPC 出售(1分钟换一次出售物品),买了交易物品之后直接去找到对应的???交易即可刷新NM,掉落物品详细如下(点击物品自动跳转WIKI看装备属性!!):1.Pandemonium_Warden:Spawned by trading a Pandemonium Key to the ??? 在大厅的(K-6) of Map #7 in Aydeewa Subterrane.(从wajaom woodlands的F-11进入!)

2.Tinnin : Monkey Wine交易??? 在wajaom woodlands的岛上 J-13

3.Armed_Gears: Ferrite trade to  ??? at (G/H-11) in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. 在 Nyzul Isle Staging Point map有传送台的那个图.

4.Gotoh_zha_the_Redolent: Sheep Botfly (2575)to the ??? at (F-5) behind the Watchtower in Wajaom Woodlands..

5.Dea: Spawned by trading an Olzhiryan Cactus to a ???(NPC) at (F-7) in Bhaflau Thickets on Map 1

6. Iriz_Ima : Spawned by trading a Senorita Pamama to a ??? at (J-8) in Wajaom Woodlands.

7.Lividroot_Amooshah: Spawned by trading an Oily Blood to a ??? at (H-9) in Bhaflau Thickets.

8.Iriri_Samariri: Spawned by trading an Samariri Corpsehair to a ??? at (F-7水池台上) in Mamook...

9.Vulpangue: Spawned by trading a Hellcage Butterfly to the ??? at (D-10) in Wajaom Woodlands.

10.Chamrosh:Spawned by trading Floral Nectar to the ??? next to a tree at (J-10) of Mamook.

11.Cheese_Hoarder_Gigiroon:Spawned by trading the item Rodent Cheese to the ??? located in the hallway of E/F-8/9 on the Main map of Alzadaal Undersea Ruins..

12.Sarameya:Spawned by trading Buffalo Corpse to the ??? on the islet located at (I-12) at Mount Zhayolm (accessed through Engraved Tablet at I-10).

13.Nosferatu:Forced Spawn by trading Pure Blood to a ??? at (F-9的大厅) in Aydeewa Subterrane on map 2(wajaom woodlands I-10进入).

14.Khromasoul_Bhurborlor:Spawned by trading a Vinegar Pie to a ??? found on the upper ledge in the NW corner of (城堡的第2层的G/H-7/8) in Mount Zhayolm.

15.Achamoth:Spawned by trading a Rock Juice to a ??? at (G-4) of the first map of Halvung(火坑旁第1张图)

16. Anantaboga:Spawned by trading a Raw Buffalo to a ??? at (E-6) in Mount Zhayolm(在去打火山水晶的路上).

17.(T4)Tyger: Spawned by trading a Singed Buffalo to a ??? located on Sharug Isle (从Alzadaal Undersea Ruins 到Caedarva mire Map 3 Khimaira的那里点击石头传送过去).