OPO OPO和我[The Opo-opo and I] - Outlands Quests

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开始NPClulupp - kazham(G-7) Lulupp - Kazham (G-7)

要求kazham声誉7 Kazham Reputation 7

所需物品硬币的破mithran rodworkbenchten(卡)的silencewandering bulbgiant鱼bonesblackened toadwyvern skullancient saltlucky蛋砂 Broken Mithran RodWorkbenchTen of Coins (Card)Sands of SilenceWandering BulbGiant Fish BonesBlackened ToadWyvern SkullAncient SaltLucky Egg

授予称号OPO OPO的国王 King of the Opo-opos

可重复的没有 No


OPO OPO crownpamamas
Opo-opo CrownPamamas


说“opopopopo!OPO OPO!OPPO!OPPO OPO!”
Says "Opopopopo!  Opo-opo! Oppo! Oppo-opo!"

在这个追求完整的演练,看得到你的OPO OPO冠指南。
For a complete walkthrough on this quest, see Guide To Getting Your Opo-opo Crown.

4免费物品将用于奖励需要(OPO OPO冠和3 pamamas)。
4 free inventory slots will be needed for the rewards (Opo-opo Crown and 3 Pamamas).
Four of the last five items on this list are Rare/Ex, so you can not purchase them from Auction House/Bazaar.

如果你忘记了你离开的地方,回来不记得你上次交易的那一个,你不担心。只是与他们交谈,他们会说“opopopopo!急求金苹果OPO!OPO OPO!”并做一个/弓运动,让你知道你做了这部分的追求。只是移动到下一个直到你找到一个说“OPO OPO?”你会知道你有没有换个项目,OPO OPO。
If you forget where you left off and come back and don't remember which one you traded to last, no worries. Just talk to them and they will say "Opopopopo! Opop-opo! Opo-opo!" and do a /bow motion to let you know you've done that part of the quest. Just move on to the next one until you get one that says "Opo-opo?" and you will know you have not traded an item to that Opo-opo.
在交易的时候,你会把所有的东西都弄得一团糟,这很容易。所有你需要做的是把以前所有的项目你有买卖的OPO OPO和从头开始。例如:说你有买卖物品lulupp,kukupp,mumupp,和roropp。所有你需要做的是收集这些物品再次交易到合适的OPO参量。他们不会采取新的项目,但它仍然算。一旦你已经把他们继续像往常一样,您将收到您的OPO OPO冠。
It's very easy to fix whatever you have messed up when trading the items. All you need to do is get all the previous items you have traded to the Opo-opos and start from the beginning.  For example: Say you have traded items to Lulupp, Kukupp, Mumupp, and Roropp.  All you need to do is gather those items again and trade them to the appropriate Opo-opos.  They WILL NOT take the new items but it does still count. Once you've traded them just continue as usual and you will receive your Opo-opo Crown.