kupofried的H2H明晶的魔法[Kupofried's H2H Moogle Magic] - Other Quests

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开始NPCkupofried行走的回声 Kupofried - Walk of Echoes

要求goddessmonk或傀儡的水平99cait西斯的翅膀(使命)呼应的武器技能完成试验无效completeappropriate走startedguardian Wings of the GoddessMonk or Puppetmaster level 99Cait Sith (Mission) startedGuardian of the Void completeAppropriate Walk of Echoes Weapon Skill Trials complete

所需物品dumuzis勒斯拉纳或 Dumuzis or Verethragna

可重复的没有 No

奖励胜利击杀武器技能 Victory Smite weapon skill


Obtain the Verethragna or complete the appropriate Walk of Echoes Weapon Skill Trials and obtain the Dumuzis.

勒斯拉纳或装备dumuzis去步行的回声。跟 ????在地面上发光的武器配备的武器。
Equip the Verethragna or Dumuzis and go to the Walk of Echoes. Talk to the ??? glowing on the floor to the far north with the weapon equipped.
Need VW clears of three starter cities and completion of Guardian of the Void.

kupofried似乎给了你一个选择的武器技能任务完成。选择手,然后交易你的武器发光的 ????打开胜利打武器技能以及完成武器技能的探索。
Kupofried appears and offers you a choice of which weapon skill quest to complete. Select Hand-to-Hand, then trade your weapon to the glowing ??? to unlock the Victory Smite weapon skill and complete that weapon skill quest.