Beadeaux烟雾[Beadeaux Smog] - Bastok Quest

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开始NPC高熊金属制品(I-8) High Bear - Metalworks (I-8)

要求巴斯托克声誉4 Bastok Reputation 4

授予称号Beadeaux师 Beadeaux Surveyor

可重复的没有 No

奖励Chakram Chakram


Talk to High Bear. He will tell you "I am compiling data on the effects of Bastok's mining and industrial projects on the environment.  I've heard adventurers say that the Quadav dumping of industrial waste has polluted Beadeaux and its surrounding areas.  I'd like to examine some of that Corrupted Dirt.  I've heard you can find some near their forges, and that it's also easier to spot on rainy days."

Go to Beadeaux. Proceed straight in, then turn left (go north) when you reach the wall at F-7. Go north to the wall in F-6, then due east to H-6. From here head south and you'll find yourself going into a cave that leads down. Take that down until it exits at H-7 on the lower map.
从这里,去西部和南部为你直到你的到来,在歼8导致回地面的隧道;你会通过一个Afflictor会诅咒你继续。按照表面的道路沿线,南近在F-9静音。继续向南,桥下过去二Afflictor,然后头东在巨大的烟囱在g-9 / H-9。
From here, go west and south as you can until you come to the tunnel at F-8 that leads back to the surface; you will pass one Afflictor that will Curse you as you proceed. Follow the surface path along, south past the Mute at F-9. Continue south, under the bridge and past the second Afflictor, then head east around the giant smokestacks at G-9/H-9.

When the weather is raining, a ??? will appear near the base of the smokestacks at G-9 or H-9(see map). Select that to receive the Corrupted Dirt (key item).
Return to the Metalworks and talk to High Bear to deliver the dirt and complete the quest.