CID的秘密[Cid's Secret] - Bastok Quest

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开始NPCCID -金属制品(H-8) Cid - Metalworks (H-8)

要求巴斯托克声誉4 Bastok Reputation 4

所需物品罗兰莓874 Rolanberry 874

可重复的没有 No

奖励绵羊地幔 Ram Mantle


跟CID,谁会请你看看希尔达(` E-6)在蒸羊餐厅。
Talk to Cid, who will ask you to check on Hilda (`E-6) in the Steaming Sheep Restaurant.

Go to Port Bastok and talk to Hilda in the restaurant. She walks up and down the stairs; you often have to wait for her to walk down far enough to be able to talk to her.
Obtain a Rolanberry 874 from the mini-quest in Crawlers' Nest or purchased in the Auction House under Food -> Ingredients.

Trade the Rolanberry 874 to Hilda and she will give you an Unfinished Letter (key item) to take to Cid.
Return to the Metalworks and talk to Cid to deliver the letter and complete the quest.